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The Triaxial Consulting project management team understand that each project is unique and therefore requires an innovative tailored project management solution including resources with the skills and expertise to ensure project delivery is on time, on budget and to the highest quality.


Our project management teams set the strategy, communication lines and a framework of controls that can be applied to the entire construction process. While the provision and structure of this service varies depending on client needs and project requirements, the quality of our service remains the same.


Our highly experienced and well qualified professionals have the ability to manage projects of any size, to a wide range of clients and almost anywhere in the country.


We are to draw on our experienced staff to review the big picture and be able to identify critical paths and ensure the delivery of projects in a logical sequence and order of priorities, on time and on budget.


Project Management at Rookwood Necropolis

The Triaxial Consulting has been an integral part of the 5 year capitol works upgrade program ensuring the delivery of new and upgraded infrastructure to ensure the safe and viable operation of Rookwood as Australia’s largest and most historical cemetery meeting the demands of a modern multi-cultural society into the future.


Working with the cemetery management team, Triaxial Consulting identified areas within the cemetery that were in dire need of upgrading or replacement.


Considering the cemetery has been operating continuously since 1867, there were many areas requiring attention. Not only roads and drainage, but areas such as compliant access to the latest BCA requirements and traffic management had to be upgraded.


Triaxial Consulting has been given the task of a complete delivery service of such projects from initial design documentation to completion. Acting as engineering consultants, project managers and project super intendents we managed the whole process on behalf of Rookwood. Ensuring engineering compliance, probity during the tender process, economical construction within timeframes set out by Rookwood and project co-ordination of all other consultants and contractors.

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