Hillcrest House Structural Stabilisation, Stanwell Park, NSW


Project Description

Triaxial Consulting was engaged to review and provide comment on a heritage listed cottage that has been subject to termite attack.
Triaxial Consulting attended site and carried out intrusive investigations to determine the extent of termite damage of structural. These investigations entailed drilling spade bits into the drummy areas of the members to confirm how much of the members cross-section has been compromised. The remaining member section and properties were reverse engineered to determine its new load bearing capacity and either identified as safe requiring patch up work, compromised and requiring strengthening and at worst case, declared compromised beyond repair and replaced.
All design and site works were carried out in accordance with Heritage Council of NSW and the Burra Charter requirements.

Project Details

Services: Structural Engineering – Assessment of termite structural damage.
Location: Stanwell Park, NSW
Client: UPA

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