Proposed Landfill Development, Mudgee, NSW


Project Description

Surface modelling and manipulation. A 3D surface model was created for a 3km radius from the tip site. A reference point was then nominated which matched the proposed future maximum height of the refuse pile at the tip. This point was then projected out on to the surrounding surface to determine if the future height of the tip would be visible in the surrounding 3km radius so that Council could argue no visual impact would be introduced by the new refuse height. We prepared a series of colour maps (in the email out folder) that showed the impact at the different RL’s. Green areas were those that could be seen and red where it was unable to be seen. We also modelled the reduced impact by introducing a 10m high earth bund around the tip – this was done by manipulating the surface and re-running the model.

Project Details

Services: Modelling the visual impact of the proposed land fill heap at the Mudgee Waste Disposal Centre (tip).

Builder and client are Mid Western Regional Council.


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