Rookwood Road and Drainage Works, Rookwood, NSW


Project Description

Rookwood Cemetery has presented numerous unique challenges to the construction of their new roads and drainage. As part of Triaxial’s design, we have incorporated innovative use of geo-grid to minimise road profile depths to a minimum, this leads to cheaper disposal costs of spoil off site and also minimises the potential damage to adjacent monuments.
The use of structural soils has also been employed to protect the new road structure whilst maximising the environmental conditions for both existing and new trees to be planted along the road side.
Also part of the challenge at Rookwood is upgrading their old clay pipe stormwater system and ensuring integration of that into the new system and ensuring all existing pipes are accounted for and diverted into the new system.

Project Details

Project:    Roadworks and drainage. Rookwood Necropolis.
Location:    Rookwood. Lidcombe. Sydney – NSW
Services:    Structural and Civil Design, Project Management and Contract Administration
Builder:   Various
Client:    Rookwood Necropolis Trust

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