Residential Apartment Development, Homebush, NSW

Stormwater & Bulk Earthwork

Project Description

Proposed residential block of units. Triaxial Consulting was engaged to carry out the structural engineering for the both the permanent reinforced structure and temporary shoring support of the basement excavation which was extended hard up against the boundary to a depth of approx. 10m. Adjacent structures on 2 sides had to be supported during the basement excavation and ensure no movement of the surrounding ground.  The use of solider piers and temporary ground anchors were progressively installed as the depth of the excavation progressed.  A dilapidation survey of all adjacent structures were carried out prior to commencement of construction to ensure a comprehensive record of their condition was recorded. The structural design was tailored to suit construction cycles and simplify the formwork and speed up construction.

Project Details

Project:    Proposed multi-storey residential development.
Location:    Homebush. Sydney – NSW
Services:    Structural Design
Builder:        Alpine Projects
Client:                     Alpine Projects

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