Cemetery Sustainability, Rookwood, NSW


As part of our involvement with cemeteries, Triaxial Consulting has been involved with a number of different aspects of cemetery operations and their environmental impact and sustainability. Listed below is a brief summary of some of these projects.
Modern burial systems. Departing from the conventional burial process, Triaxial Consulting reviewed the ground water movements and drainage repercussions of constructing a burial space from placing precast concrete (egg crate type arrangement) units together and back filling over them. Triaxial investigated and designed a drainage system that complimented the decomposition process with the need to remove stagnate water inside the grave voids.
Triaxial has been involved with the design of stormwater systems that use bio-swales to capture surface runoff and through the use of soakage medium to capture excessive nutrients etc. to ensure a water sensitive urban design and improvement of discharge into the local stormwater system which ultimately drained into Sydney harbour.
Rookwood’s Risk Management Plan and Bush Fire Management Plan. Triaxial was commissioned to draw up both the RMP and BFMP for Rookwood Necropolis. The largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere and the largest Victorian cemetery in the world. Triaxial Consulting had to scrutinise and audit Rookwood’s procedures, assets and operations to be able to an adequate understanding of the cemetery to be able formalise their WHS procedures and emergency plans.

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