Varrowville Cottage Structural Stabilisation, Varrowville, NSW


Project Description

Triaxial Consulting was engaged to review and provide comment on a heritage listed cottage that had been identified as of concern by the local council.
Triaxial Consulting attended site and immediately declared the structure as unsafe and at risk of immediate collapse.
A short-term solution of supporting the structure from outwards collapse was designed and erected. The design was mindful of not loading the existing structure and at the same time not damaging the structure any further bearing in mind the limitation imposed on heritage listed buildings. All works were in accordance with strict council conditions, Heritage Council of NSW and the Burra Charter requirements.
The long term plans for the building are yet to be determined.

Project Details

Services: Structural Engineering – Stabilisation of heritage listed cottage.
Location: Varrowville, NSW
Client: Catholic Cemeteries Board

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